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Young People with learning Disabilities

Our core client group are school leavers aged 19+ with learning disabilities and an Education, Health and Care plan from their local authorities. Whilst we are unable to look after severely physically disabled young people due to the nature of the farm terrain, we do not limit Rooted & Booted to specific learning disabilities but simply invite anyone interested to come along for a taster day to see if they could benefit from some time with us. We do though normally limit our offer to young people who need one to one support and we expect our users to arrive with their own support workers.

In Supported Living & Needing Something to Do?  When the provision of special needs education comes to an end, most young adults with learning disabilities really struggle with the sudden lack of routine and purpose. Whether they remain living with their parents or have moved into supported living accommodation they all need a meaningful reason to get out of bed.  And, if that purpose involves fresh air, a bit of exercise, fun social engagement and some good honest farming, then it ticks a lot of boxes for most! Here is some feedback from a couple of this cohort:

Elliot is now in his third year at Rooted & Booted and comes to us through the auspices of Mark Taylor Support services in Telford.  Elliot is autistic and does not have much speech but his parents and support worker have provided some comprehensive feedback.

Harry is now in his second year at Rooted & Booted and comes to us through the day service support of Aspris in Wrexham. Harry is autistic with limited speech and some quite complex needs, but see what his mother and support worker have to say.

In College & Needing Work Experience?  We also help students, who are in local special needs FE colleges studying horticultural or farming related courses, with external work experience.  Spending a day alongside two farmers learning the ropes free of charge is a rare opportunity. We are currently working with Derwen College in Gobowen, Priory College in Wrexham and Petty Pool College in Sandiway. Here is some more feedback from two troopers with this background.

Adehle came to us as part of her supported internship at Derwen College to enhance her readiness for working in the horticultural sector.  Adehle, her mother and her college tutor have all provided some fabulous  detailed feedback, so have a look at what they say.

Ben was one of our first group from Derwen College.  In fact it was Ben’s request to David for some work experience on the farm that sowed the first seed for the formation of Rooted & Booted! Find out what Ben, his mother and his college tutor think of our service.

 Feedback from Social Services

“I have helped several young people to attend Rooted & Booted since it started and have been so impressed by the positive impact that it has had on them all. They simply love it and gain a considerable sense of personal achievement from being here, especially when they return home with their amazing vegetables. I can’t thank the Young family enough for working so hard to create such a beneficial provision for the local community, which is so desperately needed, and for being such a pleasure to work with over the years. I highly recommend Rooted & Booted to any young adult with learning disabilities.”

Claire Marsden, Transition Team Learning Disabilities 16-25

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The ecotherapy and experiences we offer can benefit a much wider audience than simply those with learning disabilities, indeed many of the support workers enjoy returning on the grounds of improving their own physical and mental health. We support We Mind the Gap, which is a great local charity that gives new opportunities in life and work to young people who deserve better. We give their “gappies” some work experience on the farm as part of their fabulous 12-month “We Grow” programme to help them develop their self-worth and team building skills in an unfamiliar environment. 

School Children

With the endless learning outcomes attainable here, our farm is part of the government’s Educational Access scheme and we are trained to deliver safe, high-quality visits and farm experiences for local schools.