A farm-based day services centre for special young people

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Rooted & Booted is not a registered charity so we do need to cover its running costs.  One way of doing this is by selling the vegetables that we grow to locals who appreciate the organic, low carbon provenance and the freshness of the produce.

We have some wonderful repeat customers who seem to enjoy the fare according to their lovely comments on our Facebook page.  We have very competitively priced boxes packed with a variety of our seasonal home-grown veg from June through to November each year and we deliver straight to your door.  This is quite a labour-intensive operation, especially the harvesting, but it provides a real focus for our troopers who enjoy their involvement at every stage of the product cycle, and especially the final presentation of a full box. If you would like to support us and you live close to Malpas (SY13/SY14), then please contact us to subscribe to our veg box scheme.   

 Customer Feedback

“The vegetables are seasonal, fresh straight out of the local ground, varied, utterly delicious and full of flavour. I used to subscribe to an organic veg box delivery from a larger national company but Rooted & Booted far exceed this service. The veg is much fresher, larger portions – better value, far tastier but, more importantly, Harry [farm trooper] puts a smile on my face every week when he delivers my box with such care and pride. I would encourage anyone to support the fabulous work that Rooted & Booted do”.

Lisa Garrity – Timber Traditions

Volunteer to help

We do not employ anyone to help us run our day services centre, so there are always opportunities for volunteers to come and get their hands dirty when we have guests and benefit from the ecotherapy of being here.  We would be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested but it is ideally suited to retired folk or parents whose kids have just left home, and indeed to youngsters who are looking to enhance their CVs with a bit of volunteering experience.

Spread the word

Sadly there is only a limited number of young people with learning disabilities that we can support here at Rooted & Booted. There are though hundreds of thousands of these folk who are stuck at home, normally in urban areas where the care is cheapest, out of work and desperately in need of something meaningful to do during their days. So we need to spread the word and not so much within the special needs sector but in the agricultural and horticultural sectors to make more opportunities like this available.

Now that we have our tested model in place, we will be raising the profile of this cause over the next couple of years to gain some traction and promote organic vegetable growing as a rewarding pathway for young people with learning disabilities.  Not only does Rooted & Booted fill a big hole in the lives of our special young people, but it also promotes healthy eating, supports the environment, provides a valuable community service and a new income stream for a farm business – so there is a lot to shout about! 

In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn, engage with us and share our story with people who might be able to help or be helped. We would love to hear from you.

Our Supporters

We are extremely grateful for the help given by these wonderful organisations who support our cause: