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Case Study



Elliot really enjoys his time at Rooted & Booted. It is one of the few activities that he will spontaneously tell us about with a gleam in his eye when he gets home. The changes we have seen in him since he has been there have been amazing. The days on the farm have made a clear contribution to his development and his improved independence giving him confidence and teaching him valuable new skills. Seeing vegetables grow has given Elliot a greater understanding of where food comes from and has helped him make cognitive links which might not have occurred otherwise; and the vegetables he grows taste great!


We want Elliot to continue at Rooted & Booted due to the commitment and professionalism of the staff and the effective leadership and guidance they offer. They clearly understand autism and have put in place effective strategies to help develop the independence and cognitive development of the users. The farm is a beautiful and safe location and I cannot recommend Rooted & Booted highly enough for any individual with autism who likes being outside and interacting with nature.




Support Worker

Elliot and I both thoroughly enjoy our time at Rooted & Booted; we are always learning and doing something different. Elliot excels here and always looks forward to his days on the farm. The Rooted & Booted staff are wonderful people to be around; they have so much drive and give so much support to those in need. There’s never a dull moment, always plenty to do and we have so much fun together. In my personal opinion, if I had children with disability, this is one place I would love them to be just to experience the healthy outdoor life and all the wonderful things that they do here. It’s a therapy, the one place I called my safe haven, and I would highly recommend it to both service users and support workers.